The world-class solution that integrates value chain to agribusiness.

Meet Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne solution for agribusiness.

Agribusiness companies that produce and control vegetables and plants production have a specific solution, integrated to other business processes of their companies: the Grower Management module.

Grower Management allows the control of the production of farms and its blocks, own or from third party. It also allows the plating and harvest planning for several variety of farming registering agricultural operations, climate measurements, used equipment and inputs and specific procedures as fertilization and pesticides.

Incorporating blend management for beverage industries.

For industries that process beverages such as winery and juice producers, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne solution for Agribusiness also offers process control, through Blend Management module. It registers work areas, teams, equipment and containers evolved on blending, as well as manufactured batches control and blending operations quality control.

Controlling agriculture production contracts.

Using Pricing and Payments module, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne solution for Agribusiness allows production contracts control with farmers through registry of contract clauses, payment and deliver due dates and definition of prices related to the compliance with quality leads.

A solution that integrates Agribusiness value chain from end to end.

Integration with other operations of the Agribusiness value chain through the following business processes:

  • Products, suppliers, purchase and inventory management;
  • Manufacture and quality management;
  • Clients and sales management;
  • Financial and Fixed Assets management.

Main benefits of the solution

  • Improvement of agricultural incomes through the identification and replication of successful processes;
  • Support to the standards of food security regulatory agencies;
  • Field traceability to the store in a single, integrated system;
  • Cultivation costs visibility;
  • Automation of the payment process to producers, relating the price of crops to the quality of delivered products;
  • Brands standardization and quality improvement of manufactured products;
  • Increased control of information integrity and cost savings, as it is a native and integrated solution to enterprise business processes.

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