Project management expertise is fundamental for every successful implementation. This requires professionals with different abilities including methodology, well-known product, client’s business experience, people management, attention to details and many others.

In MPL, we are proud to be able to manage and deliver projects that reach and exceed our clients’ expectations. The key to our approach is communication and partnership, supported by a management methodology based on PMI practices. MPL can help you to manage your entire project or part of it, supporting through our expertise the definition of the best practices to be covered according to your project scope.

Oracle Unified Methodology

MPL adopts BPI (Business Process Improvement) methodology on its projects management by applying OUM (Oracle Unified Methodology) Methodology concepts related to an ERP implementation.

Oracle Unified Methodology was developed to the entire Oracle ecosystem, regardless of the software and version, as to support all the IT life cycle and ensure the successful implementation of every Oracle product.

Main benefits of this methodology:

Concentration of Effort

OUM allows the business scope to be clearly set as the need to create architecture models of the company.

This planning results in a firmer scope control, verified comprehension of the business and a firm base to achieve client’s expectations.

Under the launch phase an expectations agreement is concluded to ensure that the project scope is understood by both parties and that the efforts will be concentrated to ensure that the scope agreed will be implemented.

Time economy

The methodology has been developed with the contribution of years of experience of several professionals.

The project takes advantage of MPL team expertise through the application of best practices and standards of each industry, reducing the implementation time.

Quality Prioritization

This methodology has an interactive approach that incorporates tests and validations through the entire project, not only at the end. MPL team applies tests scenario built together with the client, for individual tests of new application or changes in existent applications beyond the integrated tests.

Effective Cost Control

It allows a more effective control of the Project cost following each activity expected in the schedule.

Through weekly summaries the project team has a clear view of the project’s progress and costs so it is possible to foresee problems and reworks.

Project Risk Reduction

Each methodology interaction aims to identify and reduce the most significant costs and risks of the project. The weekly meetings allow to quickly address the most critical questions during the project, avoiding risks to the terms and financial risks to the project.

The methodology concerned defines the development cycle of processes or systems as a sequence of five main steps: Launch, Installation, Customization, Familiarization and Closure. Between two consecutive steps there is always a CHK control point that represents the decision to move forward or review any product or step recently finished.