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Our mission is to promote the development and excellence of our customers, through the intelligent and innovative use of information technology solutions. But, before this commitment, we believe that we have a social responsibility to support the development and excellence of our country. With this disposition, we chose to invest and promote in Brazilian culture. MPL believes that investing in culture is the bridge between innovation and development.

The challenge is to make innovation a movement, a commitment to the collective good. We seek through art and culture to participate in the transformation of future generations. 

The creation of the “MPL CULTURAL” project reflects over 10 years of MPL's commitment to Brazil.


One of the most important projects was carried out with the production company ASX – Produções Artísticas. MPL co-sponsored the production and production of books on various topics, such as “The Curve and the Line – Works by Niemeyer in Brazil”“Bola na Rede – Brazil in the World Cup” and so many others. 

The books had national coverage and were distributed not only to our customers and partners, but also to our suppliers, with the aim of disseminating Brazilian culture internally.


MPL Cultural promoted the Brazilian Ballet Company, with its exciting spectacle "The Nutcracker".

The plot of the story takes place in the 19th century, with a mysterious manufacturer of clocks and mechanical toys, who has invented a trap to kill the city's rats, but finds himself in the midst of the Rat King's revenge.