The Internet of Things

Internet of Things - The JDE's Secret Weapon

JD Edwards and the Internet of Things: The best applications for industry businesses powered by real data from the Internet of Things.

Oracle's JD Edwards applications are able to leverage the possibilities of the Internet of Things and offer highly differentiated solutions to customers. For 4 decades, the JD Edwards team has been developing, innovating and delivering business applications for customers of various industries, sizes and everywhere.

The result is a mature, stable and modern application suite. JD Edwards customers depend on these applications to manufacture things, maintain and repair things, sell things, rent things, transport and store things, and plant things.

And now, in this emerging age of the Internet of Things, it's a natural extension to integrate this technology with JD Edwards applications. In this way, the Internet of Things addresses a new level of value and possibilities for the JD Edwards applications in which customers have already invested.