real estate

ERP to Manage your Property Portfolio

How about simplifying operational and financial processes for more effective management of your properties?

If you are looking for an ERP that can manage your entire property portfolio, find everything you need in Oracle Enterprise One JD Edwards.

Be ready to face your company's growth and position yourself to make it happen.

JD Edwards is able to control and manage significant growth in the size of its portfolio, with little effect, either on the indirect costs that this growth can bring, or on the demand for human resources.

Advantages for Real Estate Companies

Improve your cash flow

Automate the complex task of calculating expense and rent share.

Complete and comprehensive tenant statements are prepared and delivered faster with greater accuracy, resulting in improved cash flow.

Increase Occupancy Rates

Alerts, related to the critical expiration date of contracts, allow you to take proactive actions, analyzing and managing available spaces to maximize occupancy rates.

UX One For Property Manager

Through an improved graphical interface, property managers can access, within the ERP, pages specifically designed to meet their needs, with graphical alerts and information relevant to management.

What do you think about receiving important alerts, analyzing data and acting on the information that is displayed on your screen, without the need for complex searches and without the help of your IT team?

Learn more about the Real Estate solution in the JD Edwards System, clicking here.