Vigilens Reporting

Gain Fast and Easy Access to JD Edwards Operational Data with the Best Cost-Effective Solution on the Market

The Vigilens Reporting is a solution that empowers end users with easy access to operational reports in JD Edwards. The reports bring efficiency and effectiveness gains in the company's management, empowering managers to make the right decisions.
Users can intuitively create operational reports without the help of IT staff. No need for cubes or SQL knowledge, with just one click you get the data you need in the format and language that suits you. The video to the side presents a summary of the solution.

Examples of Reports that Generate Time Gain for Users

  •  Inventory control before the start of picking;
  • Price verification before invoicing;
  • Pending orders with available stock for sale;
  • Invoices payable to suppliers;
  • Overdue customer invoices

Main benefits

  • 100+ out-of-the-box queries and pre-installed table joins;
  • Analyze and visualize data from JD Edwards and non-JD Edwards sources in a single report;
  • Easy to build your own queries and modify existing queries;
  • Queries can be run directly from third-party applications such as Excel;
  • Queries accessible from “E1 pages” and/or menus
  • Easily share user-generated reports and queries;
  • Automates the distribution of reports to a group of users;
  • Dynamic Security Management in JD Edwards
  • Multilingual interface.

Use for Projects & Go-Lives

The Vigilens Reporting solution increases day-to-day efficiency, but can also be used by IT staff during JD Edwards projects, for example: implementations, roll-outs and migrations. During JD Edwards projects, Vigilens Reporting is a great enabler for:

  • Easily extract the data that needs to be migrated;
  • Ensure the integrity of the extracted data;
  • Validate the quality of the migrated technical and functional data.

Developed for JD Edwards by JD Edwards Experts

As the reports are available on JD Edwards pages, with just two hours of training, end users can run operational queries and reports. The tool incorporates JD Edwards' native security rules. With this, the security risk is zero.

Real-time Operational Data at Your Fingertips

With Vigilens Reporting, you can quickly and easily turn data into insights. Data quality and integrity can be monitored, empowering your team to make the right decisions based on the right data.

Vigilens Reporting drives operational excellence across all departments.

With just one click, you get the right data in the right hands at the right time.

The solution “empowers” its users with dashboards, personalized queries, mobile analytics and reports for Finance, Sales & Logistics and Manufacturing.

More Security and Quality for Your Business

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