JD Edwards Deployment

Structure your company to grow

Nowadays, companies coexist with increasingly larger and more complex business demands, which need to be met by limited IT resources.

This reality provokes the search for a solution that can be implemented quickly, that adapts to the peculiarities of its processes and that does not need major customizations. In other words, what is being sought is a solution that allows companies to do more with less.

The implementation of an ERP is a time of great changes in the day to day of companies.

Success in a project of this magnitude does not only depend on the degree of adherence of the chosen solution to the business processes. It is also important to have an implementation team that has a deep knowledge of the business practices involved, that helps customers in reviewing current processes and implementing best market practices.

With more than 30 years of experience in ERP implementations, MPL has a team that combines a deep knowledge of the potential of the software with a great experience in the business processes of the most diverse branches of activity.

The work methodology is based on the practices of the Project Management Institute (PMI) and in conjunction with web tools that allow real-time monitoring of all project activities.

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