Want more Performance for your Industry?

At industries Manufacturers, historically, have invested heavily in research and development of new products, as a way of increasing their competitiveness in the most varied markets.

The process, from conception to its availability to the market (time to market), needs to occur quickly, thus avoiding “commoditization”. In this scenario, being allied to new technologies and innovations is essential to ensure a differential with the competition.

The Industry 4.0 Concept meets this constant need for innovation, using technological advances as an ally in increasing competitiveness and reducing costs.

Industry 4.0 proposes a transformation of factories into “smart factories”, capable of using technology to increase productivity and process efficiency in various sectors of the industrial segment.

The joint implementation of technological solutions aimed at supply chain management (SCM) has become a key element in achieving efficiency in the management of this process as well as increasing the competitiveness of new products.

there are several advantages that the industry 4.0 concept can bring to the manufacturing sector. Check out:

  • Cost reduction – Cost reduction is automatic since the sector has greater control over its machines, production and raw materials, through technology.
  • Energy, water and related savings – With the help of several innovative technologies, it is more feasible to guarantee a more controlled process, and in this way, reduce it to the essential for production.
  • Economy of Inputs – Following the same logic above, it is also possible to control inputs, leaving the use of only what is necessary for production.

These advantages are already a reality among companies that have adhered to the necessary technologies for Industry 4.0.

These technologies are:  Internet of Things, mobile technology, business management software, between others.

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