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We are a consolidated company with over 30 years of operation in the Brazilian market. ORACLE partners and reference in the JD Edwards platform in Brazil. We are members of Redfaire International, a global consultancy network serving leading companies around the world.

The part we like the most about the job is the one that encourages people to want to know more. We have our own training laboratory and offer numerous in-person and internet courses for our employees.

To serve our customers with the latest versions of technology applied to the business, it is necessary to have a team that is always up-to-date, which is why we invest in a continuous process of professional development.

Over the years we have understood that our JD Edwards customer base requires very personalized work and intimate knowledge of their processes. That's why we built an extensive knowledge base for queries about problems and solutions involving the platform.

Several contributors have over 20 years of experience with Oracle JD Edwards. Some of them built their careers here, in a healthy and recognized environment.

We practice a pay-for-results policy where we value all aspects of the relationship with our employees. We pay not only for the result of the project, but also for assistance in pre-sales activities and the discovery of new opportunities.

We value the silver of the house, maintaining the PPAM program (MPL Shareholding Plan), where the employee can become a partner in the company under special conditions. Currently 25% of employees are shareholders.

This is a small summary of who we are. If he's interested, introduce yourself. We are always looking for talent, the desire to grow with us and those who share our ideals.

global connections

We are certified by Oracle and specialized in JD Edwards.

global connections

We are certified by Oracle and specialized in JD Edwards. We are also part of Redfaire International – a global consortium of companies serving leading companies around the world. We see possibilities everywhere.


We understand that nothing values a professional more than providing good opportunities.


We understand that nothing values a professional more than providing good opportunities and investing in their development. In addition to the experience they acquire in projects, all our employees have training programs.

Recognition and participation

Our compensation package provides for differentiated compensation.

Recognition and participation

Our compensation package provides differentiated compensation and profit sharing to recognize and reward team dedication. Today, around 25% of employees own MPL shares.


If you are looking to start your career on the right foot.


If you are looking to start your career on the right foot or a company where you can build it, choose MPL. We have many professionals with more than 20 years of experience, as we make commitments to continuous development and growth.


We work with cutting edge technology.


We work with cutting edge technology. In addition, we seek innovative ideas that translate into value and productivity for MPL and our customers. We are a company that creates and seizes opportunities.


We are committed to a better future.


We are committed to a better future. We seek to guide our actions with sustainable and socially responsible attitudes. We invest part of our results in culture and look for people who share these ideals.

Boosting your Professional Career

From the first moment, it is important to emphasize that a professional career can be compared to a marathon, never to a 100 meters race. So, first of all, it is important to be prepared in terms of knowledge of the route (your field of activity), trained in physical resistance and emotional intelligence to overcome obstacles and challenges that will be encountered during the journey.

Researching the topic and compiling various sources of information, here are some actions that can help you prepare along the way:

1st) Evaluate yourself honestly in terms of your professional performance at your current moment. Analyze what you would like to change in your career for the future;

2) Ask your current boss or superior for an assessment. Feedback can give you excellent insight into how to improve your career. If you are not employed, ask colleagues to contribute. Although some criticisms may not be very good to hear, an evaluation can help you understand the point of view of those who are watching you, giving you a chance to create an action plan to improve your performance going forward;

3) Prepare and calibrate the training necessary for the intended change, without wasting time. Let go of activities that consume time and don't contribute to your goals. Make a list of what you need to focus on and prepare for, setting start and end dates. Assess the need for more knowledge and take in-person and online courses that will help you “get there”. Stay connected and up-to-date in your field;

4) Make a 3-5 year plan of your journey, setting goals to be achieved annually, quarterly and even monthly, so that you can feel your evolution in the planning carried out at every moment;

5) Monthly, evaluate the execution of your planning. Celebrate a lot with each step achieved. This will give you energy for the rest of the journey;

6) Take on challenges that most of your colleagues would not accept. In addition to positioning yourself as a responsive actor and contributor to the organization, it will give you unique opportunities to interact with other superiors;

7) Focus on improving your verbal and written communication skills. They are as important as the other knowledge necessary for your career;

8) Consider your career as a business, where it is necessary to be efficient and sustainable. Plan how to “sell” your business, how to promote it to the market and how to improve your performance. To do so, interact with social networks relevant to your objective, seeking to consolidate your professional reputation and “equip” yourself with technical means and knowledge to “deliver” to your “clients” the best experience with you.       

9) Good luck and consider a career in MPL Corporate Software. MPL can offer an opportunity for professional growth supported by experiences of working in large Brazilian and multinational companies, as well as using technologies that are most in tune with the moment of digital transformation that we are experiencing in the world.


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