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Ideal Solution for Supply Management

The purchasing and supply areas are continually challenged to keep costs under control, and for this to occur, it is necessary to increase their influence over the suppliers of goods and services, as well as over the activities that involve spending by the company's employees.

The managers of these respective areas also need to control the costs of various processes, which are often outdated, inefficient and involve a large volume of paper documents and information exchange between various systems.

As companies grow, the demands on supply and purchasing areas  increase. However, within the current economic scenario, companies increasingly resist adding employees and, consequently, increasing their cost structure.

Without the possibility of adding more people, managers need to modernize the processes involved in the cycle procurement-to-pay. This type of modernization is not just a technological advance for the company and for its processes, but a strategic step to deal with growing demands, the impossibility of hiring and greater volumes of purchases.

The problem with implementing this type of technology is that it tends to be expensive and time-consuming to implement. These objections discourage area managers, as they need a solution to reduce costs, and with the greatest possible effectiveness.

When we analyze the existing scenarios, one of the most profitable options for the control and management of this growing information process is the e-procurement (supply chain solution). At e-procurement solutions holds a modern technology that automates routine tasks and enables better collaboration with suppliers and employees, which results in significant improvements in efficiency as well as improvements in productivity and reduced procurement cycle times.

Within this scenario, a solution that has been standing out in the market for its scope and ease of use is the Oracle Procurement Cloud. this technology is an option with a high level of profitability and adherence to various purchasing processes, helping managers to achieve excellence in their areas, always providing the best of cloud-based solutions, as part of the Oracle ERP Cloud.

The Main Challenges of Each Step of the Purchasing Process

The solution Oracle Procurement Cloud It is fully modular and covers all stages of the procurement cycle, regardless of purchase type or supply chain. The figure below shows some stages of the purchasing cycle:

  • Master Data – This process involves unifying data that is used constantly in the supply chain.
  • Qualification of Suppliers for any type of purchase. 

  • Several back-and-forth negotiations with suppliers until the purchase is made.
  • Follow-up with Suppliers.

Types of Purchases in a Procurement Management

In addition to each company having a unique purchasing process, the types of purchases tend to be quite specific as well. An e-procurement needs to add value to all forms of purchases from supply chain. Oracle's solution is designed to fit any type of specificity. Here are some examples that have adherence in the process of e-procurement of the solution:

  • Blanket Order: is a purchase order with multiple shipping dates over a period of time. It is based on a supply contract signed with a supplier, where the price, quantities and delivery conditions are already agreed in advance. It is typically used for recurring purchases in large quantities.
  • Price Catalog: purchases based on a price contract signed with a supplier, with an open quantity, requiring only the requisition of the item.
  • Purchase for Projects: purchases linked to a specific project with its own budget.
  • Spot Purchases (Occasional): non-recurring or sporadic purchases of items where it is necessary to request the item and later all the negotiation with the suppliers.

Modernize your Management with a High-Tech Procurement Solution

The modern purchasing process starts with standardizing, simplifying and automating all actions: from purchase requisition to payment. One e-procurement solution it needs to facilitate processes, develop the quality of purchases and organize the company's demands in an automated way. It is not enough just to minimally assist in the purchasing process. One and-procurement Robust helps in delivering real results

As Oracle Procurement Cloud, you gain a more efficient, effective and influential organization that helps keep costs under control by selecting the best suppliers, enforcing policies and managing supplier risk. With this solution e-procurement, you will achieve several goals such as:

  • Ensure control over expenses and savings to ensure a higher profit margin,
  • Increase the efficiency and influence of the supply area in the business,
  • Having a state-of-the-art architecture, allowing you to adopt an innovative strategy in the area, without having to increase your costs.

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