Cash flow

Companies that already use JD Edwards Can Add More Value to their ERP

Cash Pilot, a cash flow management solution developed by MPL, was created to meet the requirements of many of our customers and fill a JD Edwards functionality gap. The final result is presented as an additional functionality of the system, since it was developed using JD Edwards' own tools, with the same standards of online and batch applications.

1. Benefits

  • Integrates Cash Flow management with other JD Edwards financial administrative operations;
  • Allows for short and medium term planning, including already confirmed transactions (Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable) and forecast transactions (Open Purchase Orders and Sales Orders not yet invoiced);
  • It improves decision making based on the management of each company's cash flow, bringing operational gains.
2. Key Features

  • Cash Flow Detail: Estimated and Realized;
  • Manual Adjustments to Estimated and Realized Cash Flow;
  • Configuration of Banking Operations;
  • Cash Flow Inquiries, comparing estimated and realized positions;
  • Cash Flow Reports: Estimated, Realized, with detailed or consolidated positions.


3. How It Works

From the extraction of data from the JD Edwards Original Modules – Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Purchases and Sales – the system builds a database containing dates and amounts receivable, as well as information related to customers and suppliers;

Due dates related to Purchase Orders are calculated using the estimated delivery date and payment term of the order; the due date related to Sales Orders considers the estimated billing date and also the payment term of the sales order;

In addition to the information retrieved from the original JD Edwards modules, Cash Pilot also considers adjustments made manually directly in its database;

From this point, the user defines a series of parameters for the presentation of the cash flow: consolidated or detailed, date range to be visualized, bank accounts to be considered and the visualization currency;

Queries and Reports retrieve information from the Cash Flow database, and combine them with the parameters made by the user, presenting the desired results.

4. Assumptions

  • The Cash Pilot product is supported from JD Edwards version 9.0;
  • Due to the different levels of ESUs installed on each customer, some sort of adjustment to the Cash Pilot programs may be necessary;
  • Before starting the Cash Pilot project, we have to ensure that no objects customized by the client match the objects created by MPL;
  • It is not within the scope of the project to implement other JD Edwards modules. For example: if the purchasing module is not implemented in JD Edwards, there will be no records – in the cash flow – corresponding to this JDE module.

5. Deployment Service

Considering that there will be no coincidence of objects between those developed by MPL and those already customized by the client, the project lasts approximately 15 working days. The project duration can be revised according to the scope agreed between MPL and the client, and will be part of the first project activity.

6. Documentation

Product documentation was developed using the UPK and will be delivered to the customer.

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