Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service.

Learn about Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service.

Oracle's Cloud Planning and Budgeting System is a solution that aims to assist the financial planning of several large, medium and small companies around the world.

ORACLE PBCS (Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service) is a modern Web System. It provides a simple interface with Microsoft Office, which facilitates the process of preparing financial, sales and operations planning, in various industries.

Complete Solution in Planning, Budget and Precision in the Cloud

Deployment of the solution ORACLE PBCS enabled the adoption of world-class planning and budgeting applications, without investment in infrastructure (CAPEX), in more than 1,000 organizations of various sizes and industries.

The solution took market-leading functionality far beyond the companies' lines of business, with flexibility and customization options, minimizing the learning curve.

Integrate Processes into your Enterprise Resource Planning

ORACLE PBCS utilizes powerful computational engineering that can be used to achieve a high level of business function logic with fast performance that generates instant analysis and reports, in addition to providing user-defined tasks and navigation flows that can be customized based on needs. use by different groups of users.

The solution is easy to implement. For a bottom-up or top-down planning process, using either driver-based or conventional planning methods, implementation takes a few weeks.

Plans and budgets tend to be made and shared in spreadsheets in most companies. These spreadsheets are exchanged during operations, between lines of business and finance teams.

ORACLE PBCS facilitates both the company's own budget planning and its individual sectors, providing planning models based on Excel and Web-Excel. Sales, operations and strategic plans can be linked to long-term and short-term financial plans.

Robust Model with Security and Predictive Analytics

Companies today face rapid business changes in their environments. Demand is volatile, costs fluctuate, and suppliers are constantly changing. The key requirement to stay ahead of the competition is to quickly understand the volatility and model for these operational and financial changes.

ORACLE PBCS provides sophisticated modeling and prediction analysis capabilities that allow users to create multiple “what if” versions. The system also has a wizard that makes it simple to implement the forecasting process based on user actions.

Connect a Wide Community of Users with an Intuitive, Mobile-Ready Interface

O ORACLE PBCS uses browser interfaces based on modern HTML-5 templates to enable business users to easily view plans and reports on the web or on their mobile devices.

Interface capability is maintained consistently with other CLOUD ORACLE solutions to ensure a similar look and feel. A robust dashboard and reporting capability is provided to enable complete planning and analysis and reporting capabilities.

Leverage Existing Competencies with Microsoft Office Integration

ORACLE PBCS offers integration with Microsoft Office tools such as Outlook, Excel, Word and PowerPoint, using smart view capabilities for Office additives.

Users can use Excel as their modeling environment for adding custom members on the fly and sharing data using Excel based ad-hoc.

Users can also create data grids using Microsoft Excel functionality like formulas and Excel formats.

Common planning actions, such as disclosure and allocation, are available within planning data grids provided within Microsoft Excel. In addition, users can directly integrate data from the solution into Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Word to create reports.

This allows for the creation of highly customized documents and presentations with accurate information, and users can automatically update the report when the original data changes.

The end result: reduced manual intervention, improved data integrity, and increased reporting accuracy.

Seamlessly Integrate Reporting and Planning

Reports and dashboards that display current plans, forecasts and data can be created in minutes and any changes made to the ORACLE PBCS is instantly reflected in the content of reports and dashboards. Using the web interface, users can access user-friendly dashboards, interactive analytics and richly formatted financial reports while interacting with the planning system.

Embrace Speed with Cloud-Specific Features

In today's dynamic business environment, organizations cannot afford long implementation cycles and must quickly get their new application software up and running. O ORACLE PBCS incorporates a number of cloud-specific features to make it extremely user-friendly without the need for a long implementation period.

More Security and Quality for your Business

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