LGPD diagnosis

In partnership with Advanced IT, we present our Project Plan

In order to allow our customers to start activities related to LGPD, MPL created a diagnostic proposal, involving its ERP system - which may or may not be the JD Edwards ERP, its legacy systems and the care of its bank of data.

1. Tasks in relation to JD Edwards

2. Other Legacy Client Systems

If there is a need to extend the work to other legacy systems, the tasks described above must be replicated for each of the systems that will be part of the scope of this diagnosis, with the following exceptions:

  • The initial data mapping worksheet should be the responsibility of the client or consultants knowledgeable about the legacy system;
  • Suggestions regarding security will not take into account the possibilities of the legacy system, since MPL consultants are unaware of the system's functionalities that can be used for this purpose;
  • The sections for Definition of database anonymization, Definition of data deletion policy and Documentation can be done together for all customer systems, taking into account the number of systems and/or mapped fields to be anonymized.

3. Additional Tools and Services

Date Discovery
This is an optional tool, provided by our partner Advanced IT, where from defined parameters, you can identify fields in the database that contain personal data.

Web service offered by Advanced IT to create a repository of personal data, with additional and relevant information for the DPO.

Allows the import of a previously made mapping worksheet and controls action plans regarding data security.

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