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Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne provides a uniform infrastructure, integrated applications, middleware and database. Facilities that help your company quickly realize the value of the solution.

Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne – Release 22

As of Release 22 of the JD Edwards ERP, Oracle offers its customers a Digital ERP containing innovation that allows them to automate, optimize and transform business processes, representing Oracle's continuous investment in JD Edwards and its commitment to the digital transformation of your customers.

The adoption of Release 22 and upcoming versions meets the call continuous adoption, which is to encourage its customers to always be as updated as possible, exchanging customizations for customizations following the model in code/low code and then minimizing costs and investments for version upgrades. As of this release, version updates are much simpler to perform, since Oracle starts to treat the next updates as an update, where only the modified objects are updated.

The first objective from this new release is the Automation, making it possible to eliminate manual tasks. Streamlining information capture increases the value of your business investment.

The second major objective is the optimization. Optimizing drives innovation, creates new experiences that increase engagement with your customers and suppliers, and enables your employees to make faster, smarter decisions.

The third and last – no less important – objective is the Transformation. JD Edwards is a platform that enables digital transformation through the digital technologies provided by Oracle. In partnership with MPL Inova, we transform your organization into a connected, agile company that puts its customer at the center of its operation.

The next releases are already in the oven, and all this with the Support guarantee, until at least 2033, which is being extended every year.

How User Experience Can Improve Company Productivity

The latest versions of JD Edwards come with several features that are different in terms of management and innovation for your company. Meet some:

  • Cafe One – Functionality that allows you to unify applications and queries on one screen, interacting with each other and without the need for programming, maximizing productivity and minimizing errors.
  • Drill Down – Allows you to access information, at any stage of the process, to have access to the data originated in the previous stages, even if they are at the beginning of the process.

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Oracle JD Edwards - Next Generation

The new generation of JD Edwards ERP has innovative features, designed to improve user experience and facilitate integration between areas of your company.

Key new features in the new generation of JD Edwards include support for wearables (Apple Watch and Google Glass) and mobile apps. This allows for mobile and tablet access, which is essential for businesses that have dispersed teams and perform external services. In addition to allowing all control of your company and your business to be in your hands.

Integrations are also facilitated, and adapted for in-memory use, where information can be entered with JD Edwards offline, and when the device is connected again, it syncs the changes to your server. Currently, mobile applications cover areas of equipment maintenance, inventory, purchasing, project management, costs, contacts and health.

With new modules, such as Rental Management, aimed at managing companies whose service is the leasing of goods and services, and a new inventory management module, which covers everything from order entry to delivery to the consumer. Reports are also easier to generate and visualize, ensuring all the information necessary for quick decision-making, at the speed your company needs.

More Security and Quality for your Business

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