Discover the Main Challenges of Agribusiness

The continuous evolution in the use of technologies in the Agribusiness production line (improvements in machines, innovation in cultivation and planting techniques, implementation of new systems, among others), allowed this segment to become one of the most promising in the Brazilian economy, having everything to continue its phase of growth and production expansion.

challenges that agribusiness companies need to face:

  • Optimization in the logistics of your operations
  • Improvements in the organization and administration of business processes.
  • Searches for cost reduction in the production of its products and services.
  • Rapid expansion of its business, through the development of the agro-economic market.
  • Increase in productivity and production volume

Discover the Oracle JD Edwards E1 Solution for Agribusiness

Companies in the Agribusiness sector, which produce or control production and cultivation, have a specific solution integrated with the other business processes of their company: the Grower Management module of Oracle JDEdwards E1.

Grower Management allows you to control the production of farms and their own or third-party blocks.   

It also makes it possible to plan planting and harvesting for different crop varieties, recording agricultural operations, climate measurements, equipment and inputs used, and specific procedures such as fertilization and application of pesticides.

For industries that process beverages, such as wineries and juice producers, the JDEdwards EnterpriseOne solution for Agribusiness also offers processing control, through the Blend Management module.

It records the work areas, teams, equipment and containers involved in the mixtures, as well as the control of manufactured batches and the quality control of the mixing operations.

Controlling Agricultural Production Contracts

Using the Pricing and Payments module, the JDEdwards EnterpriseOne solution for Agribusiness allows the control of production contracts with farmers by recording contractual clauses, payment and delivery terms, and setting prices related to compliance with quality indicators.

A solution that integrates the Agribusiness value chain from end to end.