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Meet Support-FIX, our Premium Outsourcing

Developed based on MPL's experience as an Oracle Brasil integrator and on the Uncommun Service methodology (know more), Support-fix is a service that establishes a secure basis for providing IT services for the entire company.

IT Manager Challenges

Support-fix is a solution developed based on MPL's experience as an Oracle Brazil integrator in companies of all sectors and sizes. It establishes a secure foundation for providing IT services across the enterprise. With it, the manager and his analysis team can dedicate themselves to the business supported by a model that minimizes risks and adds tools for the management of services.

A Unique JD Edwards Support Solution for Every Customer

Support-fix is composed of a set of service modules that have a customized configuration for each client, and can encompass the entire group of applications in the ERP environment. The team works locally or remotely using a service center. The service may include a call center for the first level of support to users, or be restricted to second and third level support. The hours are suitable for the different work shifts and time zones of each company.

For all contracted services, a service level agreement (SLA) is established.


Evaluation of Results and Opportunities

The centralization of services allows the construction of a database and the analysis of the evolution of the service over time. The MPL team generates management reports, holding regular meetings with clients to evaluate results and identify opportunities for improvement.

Goals and Deliverables

The methodology used by the Support-fix team enhances specialization in all ERP modules, bringing gains in all service chains, both in terms of cost reduction with support and maintenance, as well as increased productivity in the use of systems by users.

Impact on Time and Productivity

The combination of processes and metrics to manage service level agreements allows the customer to plan and track the efficiency of the solution, as well as to reach the established goals.

There is not a single CIO who is not constantly looking for solutions to minimize the risks and costs of maintaining his company's systems. This task depends on partners able to work proactively, who share the responsibility to seek innovative ways of using technology and improve services, generating results.

This is the philosophy behind Support-Fix, MPL's remote support solution. Based on the intensive use of web tools, Support-Fix's differential is precisely the exact adaptation of the profiles and the availability of consultants to the client's needs, allowing problems to be solved quickly. The guarantee of this solution, within reasonable periods, is given by a Service Level Agreement between the parties. All this for a fixed monthly price.

More Security and Quality for your Business

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