Taking Good Care of Your Customers!

Taking Good Care of Your Customers!

THE MPL has a new service to present to its customers: Hermes Project

Hermes is known in Greek mythology as the God of Commerce, Wealth, Fertility, among other qualifications; which is why we chose him to name this initiative.

The objective of this project is to help companies create a continuous digital process monitoring system, which facilitates the identification of possible problems existing at the points of interaction with their customers, evaluating the satisfaction perceived in each of them and aiming for a quick reaction, in order to resolve any dissatisfaction in time.

This evaluation process has become increasingly complex, given the number of interactions and the alternation between human-human and human-digital processes.

It is known that keeping a customer is infinitely cheaper than acquiring a new one. Therefore, working proactively, identifying dissatisfaction and addressing it in time is the best strategy in which your company can invest.

In this project we present a report, with suggested actions to be taken, whether or not integrated with your Management System, to improve the customer-supplier relationship, always with the perspective of customer satisfaction in mind and their consequent retention.

We take into account our own experience in seeking the satisfaction of our customers, whether they are customers of our support service or customers of traditional projects.

Count on us for this new venture that will be worth it!

Find out more about the project by contacting us, clicking here.

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